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Insulation Jacket for heater
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Insulation jacket
1. Heat insulation jacket for heater
2. Save 40% energy
3. Easy to install
4. Removable

Energy-saving Insulation jacket for Extrusion 

Insulation jacket or Insulation blanket typical applications are including:      

· Barrels of injection, extrusion, blow moulding and filming machines

· Steam turbines, gas turbines (as turbine blankets) and compressors        

· Exhaust systems of engines, Generators        

· Heat exchangers

· Pumps, Valves & Flanges        

· Expansion Joints, Flex Hose        

· Tank Covers

What advantages does the insulation jacket have?

1. Save 20%-45% energy in general

2. The surface temperature can be lowered to 40degree centigrade, and thus safe to touch by hands

3. Made to order by customer’s requirement to ensure 100% fit between heaters and jackets

4. Easy to install by buckles, by aligning the wiring terminals and thermocouple holes

5. Improve the quality of plastic products due to stable temperature

6. Short return on investment period (with 20% energy-saving rate, it takes 4 to 5 months to recover 

the cost. The higher the rate is, the less time it takes)

7. Long usage life of jacket (also can extend the life of heater by preventing it from continuous heating.

 And thus extend the lives of barrel and screw)

8. Water and oil proof, multi-layer protection, anti corrosion, easy to clean, easy to bend, pollution 

free and neat out looking. 

l Dimension, cut/hole sizes and positions are required for quotation. Drawings and pictures are 


Reduction of Surface Temperature of Insulation Jacket

(Thickness of Insulation 25mm)



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