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Air-cooled copper finned ceramic heater
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Product Description

Air Cooling Ceramic Heater Description: 

Air cooling ceramic heater is mainly used for complete extrusion parts. It consists of several heaters connected with temperature reducing systems. Depending on specific application requirements, the number and layout of this item can be combined into one system. As the extrusion cylinder is completely covered, it has a uniform temperature flow. Also due to the enlarged surface of heating radiation, the efficiency is improved.It can remove friction heat from extrusion.

 The air cooling ceramic heater with copper cooling fins consists of several band heaters connected with T2 copper fins for heat dispersion. Then the set is covered by an individual mounted cooling jacket with a fan connection box and air outlet device fixed. In addition, the band heater can be removed and replaced. The maximum temperature the heater can stand is 500 °C. Currently, this heater is the most advanced cooling & heating device for extrusion machine and cylinder of injection plastic machine. 

This type of heater is recommended for situation when the demand for temperature control is very high.


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